City of Children

The City of Children began in 1970 as a labor of love led by Earl Farmer and concerned Christian people in California. Today, the City of Children combines the efforts of Churches of Christ across the United States in order to share the Gospel to the orphaned and needy children of Ensenada, Mexico. Since its inception, over 600 children and adults have become Christians, with an additional 800 new Christians reached through Baja Missions. The children receive a good home, good care, and quality education under the guidance of Patty and Ricardo Gonzales. During our summer trip, Jackson Park strives to bring love and joy into the lives of hurting children through friendship and Christlike example. If you would like to support this ministry, contact us.

Baja Missions

Baja Missions exists to demonstrate the love of Jesus by bringing spiritual, physical, and emotional relief to the people of the Baja peninsula and the growing churches in communities where the Gospel has never been. The purpose of Baja Missions is to use Christians and U.S. churches to aid in serving the local communities by utilizing and coordinating the various talents and resources of those who choose to serve. Jackson Park supports the Maneadero Church and their minister Alfredo Chavero. If you would like to support Baja Missions, you can contact us.

Nashville Inner City

The bus is more than transportation...it is a vehicle of hope.

Giving hope to 800 children of all ages on a weekly basis.  The converted school bus can become a rolling classroom of songs and learning games, while planting seeds that bear fruit that lasts a lifetime.  All while traveling on a bus to a Learning Center.  The traditional school bus is a driver and the children.  However, the NICM bus is a TEAM of people, young and old, working together with a Learning Center providing hope for Nashville's future.