Men's Ministry

We don’t eat tree bark or work on old cars, BUT our guys really like to get together from time to time just to relax a little.  Camping trips have been planned, bowling matches arranged, and much prayer and support has been given to one another as each of us strive to be the best men we can be for our families and for our church family at JP.  Praying, studying, and the support of our brothers in Christ is what we care the most about, the fun outings are just bonus.

 Iron sharpens iron,

and one man sharpens another

Proverbs 27:17

Women's Ministry

Our women’s ministry offers all ladies of our congregation service and fellowship opportunities.  These events often correspond to particular seasons throughout the year and relate to annual events specially focused on bringing our women closer together for growth and maturity in Jesus.  Our ladies also teach and experience some of the best studies that Jackson Park has to offer.  We are impressed and grateful for the continued faith and wisdom our women show us here at Jackson Park.

Cream of the Crop

You’re never too old to be involved and effective here at JP!  Our senior servants are some of our most active and generous members.  They fellowship over meals often and spend a lot of their focus and energy on opportunities to keep serving others in need.  Their support, example, and spirit of generosity hallmark the legacy of Jackson Park!

Room In The Inn

As one of the 190 Middle Tennessee congregations that participate in Room In The Inn, Jackson Park provides food, clothing, and shelter for Nashville's homeless men during the winter months. The program begins the first Monday in November and runs every Monday night through the end of March. This is a great way to serve our local community and be surprised by the stories of these men.

Community Food Pantry

Jackson Park provides food boxes for those in need in the Inglewood neighborhood. Church members help stock the pantry, and it is also supported with food drives conducted by Goodpasture Christian School and Hendersonville MMA. If you or someone you know is in need, please contact the church office, and we would be happy to assist you.